I have known Jack Gordon for over 35 years, and am confident that he brings tremendous experience to the Santa Cruz bench. As a law enforcement colleague and a public safety/crime fighting partner, Jack embodies the best of the law. He approaches his work with outstanding ethics, understanding not only his role and responsibilities but everyone’s role and perspectives. Jack has defended people’s rights under the umbrella of law enforcement and has defended their rights in a courtroom. He understands and respects our community, each and every one.   Jack Gordon has a generous spirit and is an all around good guy. I urge you to vote for Jack Gordon for Superior Court Judge.

Patty Sapone
Deputy Chief of Police for Santa Cruz

I’m lucky to have known Jack Gordon most of my life. He is a man of high morals and integrity. I support him in his campaign for Judge.

Robbie Erlin
Professional Athlete

My name is Parker Mozee-Baum and I am writing in support of Jack Gordon as a candidate for Judge in Santa Cruz County. I have had the pleasure of knowing Jack for nearly 15 years as one of his daughter's close friends, and he's seen me through my ups and downs, and tipsy-turvy life. Not only has he talked with me about growing pains, but he never judged my character because of my identity. As a transgender person, I feel more than confident that Jack supports the LGBT+ community eagerly and wholeheartedly. He watched me transition through the various phases of my life, and supported me 100% of the way. I believe his methods and skills are something Santa Cruz County should look forward to, as Jack has been such a positive role model for me since childhood. Santa Cruz needs fairness, justice, open minds, and intelligent leadership that I know Jack can provide.

Parker Mozee-Baum

I’ve known Jack Gordon for 40 years, having first met as Deputy Sheriffs for Santa Cruz County. Working side by side on the SWAT team, I trusted and trust the man with my life. He obtained his JD and, as an attorney, is incredibly passionate, fair, hardworking, and honest. His ethics and sense of justice are ever-present, and I couldn’t be happier to wholeheartedly support Jack Gordon for Superior Court Judge.

Joseph Heartsner
Retired Deputy Sheriff

If you have not already decided on a candidate for Superior Court Judge, I hope you will consider Jack Gordon.

On March 3rd, voters will have the opportunity to select Jack Gordon, an exemplary candidate for Superior Court Judge, who has a long term history and breadth of public safety, legal and community service experience that sets him apart. Jack has served as a police officer and deputy sheriff locally. He has worked as a defense attorney in private practice, representing juveniles and adults in criminal matters, and personal injury, immigration and civil cases clients in local and federal courts. Jack has also worked in an administrative law role as chair and member of the Santa Cruz Civil Service Commission for over ten years. He has participated in direct and volunteer service for the County Alcoholism Advisory Board, Women’s Crisis Support, Little League, Student Moot Court, Lions Club and more. I have known Jack and his family for over 30 years, he is the right choice for Superior Court Judge. Please join me in voting for Jack on March 3rd

Lyn Hood
Government Administrator

Explaining why I am enthusiastically endorsing Jack Gordon for judge in Santa Cruz County is easy and simple for me.   I have had the pleasure of working with Jack (as co-counsel and colleague) for over 15 years, in both California state courts and federal courts.

From a front row seat, I have been constantly amazed by his ability to earn respect and goodwill from all sides of the judicial prism:   First and foremost, from his clients and their families (Jack never forgets that his clients have family and loved ones who care about and are affected by what is happening to his clients);   and secondly, even though he is always a vigorous, excellent, and creative advocate for his clients, he is respected and appreciated by the opposing attorneys (they all know that they can trust him, work with him in a reasonable manner, and maintain the focus of what is important);   finally, when he walks into a courtroom, the courtroom staff, deputies, and judges inevitably smile in recognition that Jack will do the legal profession proud with his class, humor, humility, sense of fairness, well-prepared and on-point advocacy, and a very welcome dose of humanity and common sense.

I often would go to Jack for advice and counsel, for the same reasons that I believe he will make an excellent judge:   He does not see justice as being binary (either this way or that way).  He sees justice as a holistic process:   Both sides (and third parties, including society and the community) all have a claim to and a stake in the definition of: what is “justice”.    And his advice and guidance will usually lead me to make better decisions of how to achieve an outcome that serves not only my client’s needs but which recognizes and takes into account the objectives and goals of others.   He will do the same from the bench:   Making decisions which best achieve justice for all, and communicating his decision-making in a manner which embodies “sense and sensibility”.   Santa Cruz County will be well served with Jack Gordon on the bench.   

Jerry Fong
Attorney at Law

I urge the Santa Cruz County community to vote for attorney and former Deputy Sheriff Jack Gordon to be the new Superior Court Judge. Jack is a person of principles and compassion, and would bring a measured, thoughtful and ethical work ethic to our local court system. I have known Jack and his family both  personally and professionally for three decades, and am convinced that his deep commitment for our public safety would be the right choice. Please join me in voting JACK GORDON  for Judge on March 3, 2020.

Susanne Lavars
Government Administrator


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