Judicial Enorsements

The Honorable William Kelsay, Judge, Santa Cruz County Superior Court, retired

The Honorable Franklin Bondonno , Judge, Santa Clara County Superior Court

The Honorable Ray Davilla Jr., Judge, Santa Clara County Superior Court , retired

The Honorable Ron Del Pozzo, Judge, Santa Clara County Superior Court , retired

The Honorable Eugene M. Hyman, Judge Santa Clara County Superior Court, retired

The Honorable Margaret Johnson, Judge Santa Clara County Superior Court, retired.

Luis Ramos, Judge elect Santa Clara County Superior Court.

The Honorable Derek Timm, Vice Mayor City of Scotts Valley

The Honorable Donna Lind, Council Member City of Scotts Valley

Joseph Espinola, Former Member Scotts Valley School Board, Santa Cruz Deputy District Attorney, Current Santa Clara Deputy District Attorney

Public Safety & Law Enforcement

Steve Robbins, Sheriff of Santa Cruz County, retired

Rudy Escalante, Chief of Police City of Capitola, retired

Michael Aluffi, Chief of Police UCSC, captain Watsonville P.D., retired

Patty Sapone,  Deputy Chief of Police City of Santa Cruz, retired

Don Bradley, Chief Deputy Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, retired

Joseph Heartsner, Sergeant Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s  Office, retired

Steve Redfield, Santa Cruz Harbor Police, retired

Dan Bouchet, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, retired

James Gray,  Sergeant, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, retired

Christine Swannack, Sergeant Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, retired

Val Brenner, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office , retired

Esther Beckman, Sergeant Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, retired

Joe Flores, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, retired

Dennis Baldwin, Lieutenant California State Fish and Game, retired

Shirley Baldwin, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, retired

Don Forbus, Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, retired

Lynn Ballinger, Sergeant Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, retired

Jerry Bowles, Assistant Chief Central Fire Protection District (Formerly Chief Capitola Fire Department), retired

Clare Frank, Chief of Fire Protection Cal Fire, retired

Rick Rosario, Captain Cal Fire, retired

Kevin Fink, 911 manager, retired

Lynn Hood, Founding member Santa Cruz County Equine Evacuation Unit


Pinaki Chakravorty

Tina Nunes

George Tran

Steven Dick

Becki Wise

Clarissa Hamilton

Leigh Frazier

Troy Benson

Marisa McKeown

Cody Jones (former DDA)

Erica Cordero

Johnathan Cesena

Michael Moreno (former DDA)

Steve Lowney

Murat Ozgur

Ben Stewart

Carl Beatty

Nisreen B. Younis

Juan Lopez

Jennifer Redding

Randy Danto, retired

Amanda Sympson

Casey Clift

Ken Mandell

Vincent Hurley

William Chestnut

Ray Mendoza

Andy Marcellino

Christine McGuire

Maureen Furlong Baldwin

Ane Murphy

Jerry Fong

David Wiksell

Patrick Coughlin

Cody Salfen

Community Members

Cal and Sherri Horton

Julie Almquist, educator

Elizabeth Clifton Doolin

David Doolin

Reggie Stephens

Reggie Stephens Foundation

Christina De la Pena

Kevin Bowing

Tracy Wood

Leroy Elkin

Michael Beaton

Carol and Jeff Ester

Virginia Johnson

Bill Holl

Susan Rosario and Rick Rosario

Marney Cox, educator

Steve Cox, educator, Head Coach Cabrillo College Football, retired

Louis Walters, Athletic Director Scotts Valley High School

Rick Erlin

Thomas Erlin

Robert Erlin, Professional Athlete

Andrew Eisenberg

Matt Erlin

Tasia Riveria

Ryan Kocot

Thelma Oros

Liz Flores

Susie Hunt Smith

George Dickson

Teresa Soto

John Hopper

Diana Carr

Maureen McCarthy

Marianne Janitsch Woosley

Jay Jennings

Jadari Lomax

Cassandra Hosseini

Michelle Wahl

Susann Lavars

Mary and Tom Tucker

Sheila McMahon

Ken Sapone

Colleen and Dave Lemini

Olivia Madrigal

Zac Bowman

Shari and Pete Kain, Kain Performance  Training (Business Owner)

Margie and Phil Riopel

Marilyn and Rich Kirkham

Rosemary Anderson

Mary Shartle

Amy Shepard

Tristan and Mike Medina

Monica Stockwell

William Bernardi

Zach Trap

Daniel McKenzie Sr.

Patrick Witzig

David Sanders

Lexi Power

Artie Atencio

Los Gallos Taqueria

Malone’s Bar and Grill

Taylor Fontana

Daniel Silva

Jordan Bergstrom

Blake Bogner

Joey Cianciarulo

Sarah McGeehon

Ben Olsen

Melanie Trap

Samuel Gordon

Emma Gordon

Nancy Gordon

Dr. Don Foster

April Foster

Sandra Aurea Marino

Cheyleen Cherry

Erik Witzig

Alyssa Tariza

Patricia Sullens, Surgical Tech

Christopher Najar

Lorna Zhou

Tate Much

Brad Hartman

Cambria Moreno

Cheryl Shapiro

Caitlin Wilson

Ryan Fontana

Roberta Eleman

Hayley Trap

Logan Vogel


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Prior to my law practice, I was a reserve police officer for the City of San Jose before serving as a full time Santa Cruz County Deputy Sheriff for nearly fifteen years.  I was elected President of the Deputy Sheriffs Association, served as Team Leader for S.W.A.T., and worked special assignments with both the Homicide and Rape Task Forces.   

I was appointed to multiple terms with the Civil Service Commission by the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, including serving as Chair.  This commission makes policy recommendations to the Board and conducts hearings involving contested employee discipline matters. I have served as an arbitrator on the Santa Clara County Fee Arbitration Panel as well as an instructor at San Jose State University’s Institute of Criminal Investigations.  While in law school I co-authored California State Sheriff’s Association Statutory Duties and Authorities Manual (1988-1989).   I earned my B.A. in History from San Jose State University and obtained my Juris Doctorate from Santa Clara University. 

My varied, extensive courtroom and trial experience has provided me the necessary skills and capacity to take on the role and responsibilities of Superior Court Judge.  However, my biggest take away from my case work is not only the wins and losses, but rather in seeing each case from all sides and understanding that our adversarial system produces justice through the process.  With this comes a deep understanding of the value of working with and respecting the “other side” in any matter before the court.

The right experience equals the right choice – I would be honored to have your support.
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I have received client referrals and current support from judges, public defenders, private attorneys, law enforcement, probation officers and court staff.

I would be honored to have an endorsement from you!

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