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My name is Jack Gordon.  My family and I have been living, working, serving and participating in the Santa Cruz community since 1979.   Santa Cruz has given so much to my family and me that I have always tried to give back as much as I could.  Over the years I have coached youth sports and volunteered time with the Girl Scouts of America, Women’s Crisis Support-Defensa de Mujeres, Special Olympics and the Santa Cruz Host Lions.  I have provided legal counsel to our local high school sports teams and also served on the Alcohol Advisory Board, having been appointed by the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors. Now, I am ready to close the loop of tying my family life in Santa Cruz County with my professional life by running for  Superior Court Judge.

I have spent my entire professional career in the local criminal justice field, becoming a practicing attorney in 1993. I am known as one of the most respected attorneys in the Bay Area, having received client referrals and current support from judges, district attorneys, public defenders, private attorneys, law enforcement, probation officers and court staff.   My practice has included criminal defense, civil, family law and immigration cases. I regularly practice in both state and federal courts, having handled matters in ten different counties. In the criminal defense arena, I have effectively represented over 1,200 juveniles and over 1,500 adults charged with criminal offenses, including 25 cases involving individuals charged with murder.  This work has given me substantial trial experience in state and federal court.


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Prior to my law practice, I was a reserve police officer for the City of San Jose before serving as a full time Santa Cruz County Deputy Sheriff for nearly fifteen years.  I was elected President of the Deputy Sheriffs Association, served as Team Leader for S.W.A.T., and worked special assignments with both the Homicide and Rape Task Forces.   

I was appointed to multiple terms with the Civil Service Commission by the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, including serving as Chair.  This commission makes policy recommendations to the Board and conducts hearings involving contested employee discipline matters. I have served as an arbitrator on the Santa Clara County Fee Arbitration Panel as well as an instructor at San Jose State University’s Institute of Criminal Investigations.  While in law school I co-authored California State Sheriff’s Association Statutory Duties and Authorities Manual (1988-1989).   I earned my B.A. in History from San Jose State University and obtained my Juris Doctorate from Santa Clara University. 

My varied, extensive courtroom and trial experience has provided me the necessary skills and capacity to take on the role and responsibilities of Superior Court Judge.  However, my biggest take away from my case work is not only the wins and losses, but rather in seeing each case from all sides and understanding that our adversarial system produces justice through the process.  With this comes a deep understanding of the value of working with and respecting the “other side” in any matter before the court.

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I have been endorsed by a diverse cross section of our community which include judges, public defenders, district attorneys, private attorneys, law enforcement, probation officers court staff, small business owners, social activists and community leaders.

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